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What Our Customers Say
I would like to mention that we have just completed a job which came from bloo which has paid for our entire years advertising with you. I don't think that that has ever happened to us before. Keep up the good efficient service.
David Jawno, Malaga
I must compliment your company on its efficiency and help. We've been waiting 3 months for our new website to be up and running, shame they aren't as helpful and efficient as you. Thank you once again.
Helen Green, Canning Vale
Just noticed the first payment has failed - i forgot to give you the new banking details. will get them from the bank tomorrow and give you a call. poor form, i know. been a bit busy now :) thanks the listing has already paid for itself! VERY grateful
Robert Chace, Victoria Park

Measure your results 


You can't manage what you can't measure. When you have a paid listing with bloo you can expect to view statistics within your toolbox detailing how many calls, website clicks, advert views...

Our partners 


Bloo is glad to have two major local media partners as shareholders in the bloo (WA) pty ltd business...

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Add a voucher
Take control with bloo vouchers! A great way to drive new business. And for a limited time, your voucher will get home page exposure! So hurry...   more
Free call for customers
Free Call
This is a patent bloo product that simply allows browsers on the site to call businesses for free...   more
Free SMS
Free SMS
Busy at work and decide you will call them on your way home? Told your wife to call that plumber but didn't have his number handy...   more
Free iPhone app
iPhone App
Quick access to 150,000 business listing, FREE calls to a large number of businesses, slideshows, vouchers...   more
Create a slideshow
A picture paints 10,000 words. Most would say 1,000. But you can have up to 10 images against your business (so thats a lot of words)...   more
Add your video
If a picture paints a 1,000 words then what about video? Youtube is now the 2nd largest search engine behind google. This tells us that video is certainly not getting any less popular...   more
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Create a 30 second plug
Plug It
Bloo loves creativity and this proves it. We have created a way for you to plug your business. This is a voice recording that we put against your listing that is recorded by you. You just simply tell your potential customers why they should do business with you...   more