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Advertiser questions

Updating my bloo listing details.

User options

What are my search options?

Bloo provides several ways for you to search:

The heading (category) based search allows you to search for a specific trade or industry. Simply type into the 'find what' text box what you're looking for and in the 'where' text box type your desired location and then, like magic, your options will appear!

A name based search is for those that know exactly who they are looking for, simply select the 'business name' icon on the search bar, type in the business you are looking for and bloo wastes no time getting your results!

Under the category link, on the home page - you will find The A-Z heading search. The A-Z list of headings caters for those not too sure of what they are looking for! You can also find a list of popular headings displayed below the search box on the home page.

bloo also offers a "filter results" button; giving you the opportunity to further refine your search results. This more advanced form of searching is found at the top of your search results.

How do I use the Map Based Search?

bloo's map based search is just another simple way to find a business on bloo. bloo's map search is a visual based search function that enables you to view business locations marked on a map. Simply select the 'Map Search' tab and be impressed! Try out the directions tool!

How do I make an Enquiry?

To make an enquiry regarding sales, technical, or other please visit our contact us page.

How do I download the bloo iPhone app?

bloo it anywhere! There is a link to the bloo iPhone page from the homepage toolbar. Then click the download button at the bottom of the page.

Advertiser questions

How do I advertise with bloo?

Want to jump on board with bloo? Simply click on the "Advertise with bloo" link at the bottom of any page. There are several options available with bloo, you can either signup for free or signup for one of our packages which start at $795.00.

What is included in a bloo package?

  • Free Call Button (latest technology to truly prove ROI)
  • Free SMS Button
  • Web link
  • Thumbnail image (of website or advertisement)
  • Email enquiry form
  • Map
  • Slideshow (up to 10 images)
  • Higher Positioning for better results
  • 2 headings to increase exposure. (optional - may not apply to all businesses)

What is Secured positioning?

Business listing positions work via a three tiered system. The top tier, being a shade of bloo, can be classified as a Secured Position. Customers who opt to advertise in this tier will have their listing secured, (based on the date they signed up). It is very much "first in best dressed"! The next tier simply has a white background. Customers who opt to advertise in this tier are prioritised above the FREE alphabetically listed businesses; (final tier).

What is Target Zoning?

Target Zoning can be defined as the suburb/s your business will result in when those certain zones are searched. For example, businesses with paid positioning who choose no target zoning will only appear in their specific postcode where their business is located. Those who opt for Greater Perth Zoning will appear in any results when any suburb is search within that Greater Perth region. Wider zoning can be purchased depending on the areas in which your business services; e.g. All suburbs north of the river.

In which zones can I advertise?

Are you a "Come To Heading" or a "Go To Heading"? In order to combat the issues of irrelevant search results, bloo has put in place target zoning rules. "Come To Headings" such as air conditioning specialists or carpet cleaners who are able to service all areas as they are businesses that come to the consumer. "Go To Headings" however are only able to service their specific area and 3 surrounding postcodes as consumers have to go to them. These are generally restaurants, hotels etc.

In which zones can I advertise?

Easy, select "Advertiser Login" on the footer of any page. All paid customers have access to their own toolbox where they are able to edit personal & business details, change payment details, retrieve invoices, request design changes and/or increase call and SMS CAPS

I've forgotten my password...

No problem, simply select "Advertiser Login" at the bottom right hand corner and click the "forgot password" tab. Your new password will be sent to your designated email address.

How do I retrieve my monthly invoices?

Because bloo cares for the environment, we believe in a paper free invoicing system. All of your invoices are viewable via your customer toolbox! Simply log in and select the billing tab. All your invoices have been saved in your transaction history.

Where do I find out my listing Statistics?

You will find all of your statistics including Total views, Total calls, Total SMS, Total email, website and advertisement views under the "Your Account" tab in your toolbox.

What are the terms and conditions of my bloo contract?

Your minimum contract period with bloo is 12 months. You will be billed perpetually based on your nominated bill cycle. Cancellation can be made after the 12 month period with no less than one month's written notice.

Updating my bloo listing details.

How do I edit my bloo listing?

Log into your toolbox, select the listings tab, from here simply click the View / Edit Listing Details link and it will direct you to an editable version of your customer page. Please note that the changes highlighted in red need to be approved by bloo admin so please allow for 24 hours.

How do I upload slide(s) for my slideshow?

You are able to upload and delete slides from your slide show at any time. Under the Listings tab in your toolbox select the Upload / Manage Slideshow link and upload images from your PC.

How do I update my personal details and/or account details?

All of your personal and account details can be edited via your toolbox by simply selecting the edit icon.

Recharging Call and SMS CAPS?

bloo will notify you via email if you are above 75% usage of your bloo Calls or SMS. You can then easily recharge it from a link within the email. Or login to your toolbox and recharge from the listings tab. You may need to click refresh/reload in your browser (or press F5) to see changes.